How ProVantage Corporate Solutions Found The Perfect Managed Accounting Partner

This is a transcript of a video by Jamie Kipke, CFO of ProVantage Corporate Solutions.

Good afternoon and hello. My name is Jamie Kipke, and I am the CFO for the Rosewood Family of Companies. Our family of companies currently offers a multitude of labor solutions for big-box retailers, whether that is in their store, through support of their operations, such as unloading trucks, cleaning or stocking, in their store conducting special projects such as remodels or new store setups, or in their customers' homes, providing last mile installation services for the products they purchased.

Why Now is a Better Time Than Ever to Consider Outsourced Accounting!

This is a transcription of video by Jim French, CFO of IFI Professionals.

Hi, I'm Jim French, the founder of IFI. In this blog I will share a little bit about us, what drives us, and how, in these challenging times, we can help you not only survive, but take advantage of business insights that will help you know what's working, what's not, and how it's affecting your financial position.