Our Culture

We’re unique!

Some may describe us as being quirky in a fun way because we like to celebrate our differences; both personally and professionally. Our team is comprised of some of the brightest, humble, most caring, compassionate, and determined group you’ll ever meet.

We provide our employees with an environment to embrace new opportunities so they can constantly grow and exceed expectations. This allows employees to gain exposure to different industries, new technologies, and be part of an employee-centric culture where ideas, creativity, and free-flowing communications are encouraged.

We also offer a 100% virtual work environment and a flexible schedule, so if you have a special event or family function you want to attend you can leave early. By ditching the commute to work helps you support your mental and physical health.

Things in our world are always changing, and our employees are challenged every day—either by the use of new technologies or by the creation of perspectives through the lens of a kaleidoscope.

Camaraderie, Community and Culture

One of the greatest challenges in a 100% remote work environment is creating a sense of camaraderie and community when your colleagues are sitting in home offices across the United States. It can also be very challenging to create and maintain a thriving company culture. So, how does an organization like IFI get recognized by so many for its great company culture? Part of the secret is to constantly implement new and creative ways for our employees to get to know each other, even when they aren’t part of the same department.

A recent method we adopted was to incorporate a “show and tell” of photos with the entire team during our weekly all-staff calls. Each week one or two members of the team shares a few photos of an experience they’ve had, an organization they’re involved in or photos of something else they are interested in.

Since implementing the program, Yazan traveled to Jordan and shared some photos about his visit to Petra in Turkey, which is known as the “Lost City” and is the 7th wonder of the world. Kristina shared her experiences and some photos regarding being a co-troop leader for Girl Scouts of America. The team learned about where the cookies are made, the values that the girls learn and different events that they participate in throughout the year. Ezekiel shared a photo of his horseback riding experience while in Mexico visiting his wife’s family. Daniel showed us how to zipline upside down in Costa Rica. These “show and tell” experiences allow the team to learn more about those that they work with and helps highlight the diversity within our organization.

img-how-we-stay-connected-and-communicate-in-a-virtual-team-setting img-joy-of-week-word

“How We Stay Connected and Communicate in a Virtual Team Setting”

Many organizations find it challenging to maintain a connection with their employees while working in a virtual setting, but not at IFI Professionals. We use several different methods of communicating up and down our organization. We know if we give our employees an opportunity to express their ideas, concerns and perspectives without repercussions, it creates a better working environment. We also want to make sure our employees have a solid understanding of where we are going as an organization. To achieve all of this, we utilize a number of different communication methods including weekly one-on-one staff meetings between the employee and manager, weekly functional area meetings where the teams get together, check-in calls with our Human Resources Manager and our Weekly All-Staff virtual meetings.

During these meetings we discuss business updates (where we are going and why), as well as department and employee spotlights. The all-staff meetings provide a forum to help us connect the dots on what we do and how it all ties together, so that the team can have a greater understanding of each other and the various business functions. Additionally, we are able to learn what our colleagues are passionate about and what is happening in their lives. There is also an added bonus by starting the meeting with a fun or interesting fact, along with a joke of the week submitted by one of the employees.

A sampling of jokes include:

What do you call a sad cup of coffee?

Answer: Depresso

What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?

Answer: Na-Cho Cheese

Come back and visit our website again. We are sure to have new jokes to share!


The IFI Employee Experience As Described in Our Employee’s Own Words & The Awards We Have Received

In today's fast-paced world, the boundaries between our professional and personal lives often blur, leaving employees craving a more holistic work environment. 

At IFI Professionals we redefined employee well-being by taking an innovative approach to care for and support our team. Our motto, "Sharing the IFI Employee Experience," transcends throughout our business and has garnered us several prestigious awards, including recognition as a Best Place to Work, a Great Place to Work Remotely, and a place on Fortune Magazine's list of the Top 100 Small Businesses in the United States.

Let's dive into what these accolades truly mean, as described by the people who make IFI Professionals extraordinary—our employees.

Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. They go up and beyond what an average employer does to make everyone feel like they are part of a team and make you feel special. The onboarding even included a welcome package.

Great team bonding events to make us feel connected even with employees located all over the country. Management is supportive in helping you achieve your goals and building the skillsets needed for where you want to take your career.

IFI has created an environment that gives employees all the necessary tools to succeed in their current tasks, and also grow in different avenues. While there is the expectation that all employees work hard, …Read More

They are so awesome; they truly care about all employees and their happiness. They ask for a lot of input, constantly do fun things for us, and hire awesome people to work with.…Read More

They are very inclusive of all types of people. They listen to what you have to say and tailor your job responsibilities around your strengths. They provide any software or equipment …Read More

From day one I had all the equipment I needed (and didn't even know I needed), thoroughly planned and executed. They are REALLY thoughtful about you as a person and connect with you regularly to see how you are doing. …Read More

Company culture is like no other. I’ve worked in both the public and private sector and this company goes above and beyond. Every employee knows they are valued. Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, …Read More

They treat you as a person/human being. They reward each individual. They care, bottom line. They do not discriminate.

Love this place, they treat me very well, I love the flexible work environment that provides me with a satisfying career where I am constantly learning, great people to work with and fun place to work. …Read More

The company places trust with its employees to make the right decisions. It cares for the team’s well being and ensures that everyone is comfortable in their role.

The culture is a very close-knit, family type where it’s easy to get to know others.


The company strives to allow for a good work-life balance and frequently holds company events to show their appreciation. We are encouraged to build good relationships with one …Read More

The organization treats the employees with respect and as peers rather than as cogs in a machine. The people that work here all share common goals and values and it’s very easy to get along with and work with …Read More

The way management treats and values their employees is above and beyond what I have seen from other companies.

They are great at focusing on team building, focusing on career path for each employee, great work-life balance, support from team-members and supervisors while also having the freedom to work without …Read More

It puts an emphasis on individual well being and personal priorities. It’s all about culture here. It’s the most important thing to most people these days to make sure they aren’t just sitting at a desk working. …Read More

This company is a team. They are all wonderful people who really make an effort to treat all of us equally and beyond fair. I’ve received a promotion during covid. I’ve received flowers when a close …Read More

This organization actually cares about their employees.

This organization fosters a sense of community and family for their employees. The owners communicate on a weekly basis with all employees to keep us apprised of changes within the organization …Read More

Management is top notch and they really put thought into team building events and little things that let the employees know they are thinking about them every now and again.

Keeps employees engaged and encourages work/life balance.

Truly care about each employee, let you take initiative on things and don't micromanage, provide a great "remote" environment where still feel connected to others.

100% Rated us as treating people fairly regardless of their race

100%  Rated us as treating people fairly regardless of their gender

We were rated 100% for our onboarding process. New employees feel welcomed when they join the company.

Employee Spotlight

A Little Bit About Daniel


Daniel lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and daughter. They have a dog as well. Daniel also has an older brother, and people say they look alike.


Visiting National Parks!
They like to glamp in cabins, no tent camping.
He enjoys all kinds of food.
Daniel enjoys watching and playing soccer.
He likes to learn new skills (tricks in excel or other software).
Daniel practices and watches Mixed Martial Arts (UFC and Connor MacGregor fan).

Where is Daniel from?

Things Daniel Enjoys About IFI

Daniel works with a great team of FP&A professionals on the FP&A/Planful side of the business.

  • Great leadership and mentorship
  • Flexibility
  • Unlimited potential to learn and grow.

This is how Daniel feels when he accomplishes something he has never done before:

We Hire Our Heroes

img-we-hire-our-heroes img-we-hire-our-heroes-r1

At IFI Professionals, we’re honored to employ Veterans in our thriving accounting and financial planning managed services business that leverages modern cloud-based FinTech solutions including Sage Intacct, Salesforce and Planful. Whether you’re looking for more information on a career as a Sage Intacct, Planful or Salesforce consultant or customer success, or you’re already in the ecosystem and looking to grow your skills and experience, we’ve provided resources below to assist you.

IFI Professionals is proud to partner with the Hire Our Heroes program. Hire Our Heroes works to increase and improve job opportunities for veterans. By working with their world-class network, they are helping to match transitioning military members to jobs with military-friendly companies. We intend to be part of the solution in solving the most difficult challenges associated with veteran unemployment.

Health & Lifestyle

At IFI Professionals not only do we exercise our minds, but we exercise our bodies as well. IFI supports its employees’ endeavors in constantly learning to enrich their jobs, maintaining a work/life balance, as well as their endeavors to support their health and wellbeing. This is not just a philosophy at IFI, but an action. We provide an exercise allowance to our employees that can be used for a variety of health and wellness activities. The exercise allowance encourages employees to spend time doing the activities that they enjoy, or perhaps trying something new! Our employees participate in various classes and types of fitness that help keep their minds and bodies healthy. Some of these activities include mixed martial arts, strength training, yoga, running, and group fitness classes. While we enjoy exercising healthy lifestyles here at IFI, we still love our carbs and pasta too!


IFI Professionals
Holiday Celebration

Over the years, we have been very purposeful in creating an organization with a heart and a sense of community, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We’ve become a place where employees are listened to and where they feel connected, even though we are not in the same building.

We have gone to great lengths to make sure our employees have an opportunity to celebrate the holidays and connect with each other throughout the year, even though employees are in multiple time zones. The month of December is an especially exciting time for our employees. Each year, they receive a holiday gift box with personally wrapped gifts and each team opens their gifts together over Zoom. The experience brings forth a sense of childhood nostalgia, anticipating what surprises might be in each gift, and the excitement of celebrating the holidays with their friends and colleagues.

We hope you enjoy our holiday video that captures some of these special memories of togetherness and celebration.


The IFI Employee Experience

As the summer months roll in, we embrace a delightful tradition that brings smiles to our employees' faces: leaving work two hours early every Friday. It's a simple yet meaningful gesture that demonstrates our dedication to work-life harmony. This initiative allows our team to savor the longer days, spend quality time with loved ones, or simply unwind and recharge for the weekend.

But here's the twist, we work in a 100% remote environment with employees in several states and time zones. While remote work offers flexibility, it can sometimes lead to a sense of isolation. However, we have welcomed and conquered the challenge by continuously finding innovative ways to foster team bonds and create a sense of camaraderie, even when miles apart.

During the Fall, we have our yearly Halloween event where employees dress in costumes and we have different types of activities. One year, we even got Jim (our Founder) and Paul (our Principal) to compete against each other virtually in an apple bobbing competition. You never know what we will do next.

In December, we celebrate big. Each employee receives a box full of personally wrapped gifts that they open over Zoom together with their team members. It is an exciting and highly anticipated time waiting to find out what surprises each package holds.

Every other month, we organize special activities that go beyond the mundane. These activities serve a dual purpose: they strengthen team bonds and provide a dash of fun for the workweek. We’ve had live musical performances where even our own team members performed, played Family Feud, had a Stand-Up comedian perform, learned how to decorate cookies and even how to paint. All of these events not only encourage employees to collaborate and think outside the box but also showcase our commitment to keeping the spirit of togetherness alive.

Who Are We?

Each member of our team is more than a number or “just” an employee: we’re uniquely human and treat each other with dignity and respect.

Our company fosters a spirit of camaraderie. We’re talented and creative and that transfers over into our organization’s culture. You’ll often find us baking luscious desserts, drawing, creating jewelry, singing, salsa dancing, playing an instrument, watching our favorite sports team, being foster parents, or challenging our bodies to reach new goals in physical achievements by biking longer distances or hiking more difficult trails.

By working collaboratively, developing solutions, adapting to change, and applying new technologies, we consistently develop key skill sets needed to maintain success in our environment.

As we continue our journey together, we hone our skills and talents with frequent Team Building and Educational Events.

We’ve been seen running around San Clemente with hats, fake mustaches, and a list of clues trying to figure out “Who Done It?” on our Murder Mystery Team Challenge.

We demonstrated our culinary talents and subsequently enjoyed the meal we made together.

Even throughout Covid, we’ve adapted and implemented new and creative ways of coming together and strengthening our bonds.

We celebrate personal milestones such as birthdays, delight in the arrival of a new baby, and are constantly soliciting input and thoughts on how to do things better. We value each other!

We hold ourselves accountable and with that comes “Big Freedom”, but also “Big Accountability” to constantly stretch ourselves and look ahead to see what’s possible on the horizon.

We believe in ourselves, our product, and our organization. We know that if we provide unique and incomparable employee experiences, it will equate to the same type of positive experience for our customers.

That’s what it means to share the IFI experience with us.


Our values spell “LEAD”

And together we’re trailblazers in our business and community


Lead with

We encourage our employees to take ownership by identifying solutions to problems.



Embrace opportunities to constantly grow and exceed expectations.


Act in

Collaboration is essential in almost all aspects of life and work.

It takes all of us working together to create and achieve something exceptional. We partner and build relationships of trust based on integrity and compassion with each other, our partners, our customers and our community.


Drive for

Driving for excellence means being the best we can be and going above-and-beyond what is expected. Constantly strive to do better and be better.


Community involvement

We’re proud to volunteer in our community where we actively seek out opportunities to have a positive impact and help those who are less fortunate.

When Covid-19 struck, we had to come up with a more creative way of continuing our community outreach while protecting our employees and others from the virus. As an organization, we identified “3” key organizations who needed assistance.

Each employee selects an organization that resonates with their personal values and IFI makes a monthly cash contribution on the behalf of the employee. This is our way of continuing to give back during a time of crisis. We look forward to the day when we can get back out in the field and volunteer with our local charities hands-on again.

Charities We Actively Support

We actively support the following charities every month,
on behalf of our employees.

  • Feed The Children
  • Grameen Foundation
  • Compassion

Things we like to do together to celebrate us!


At IFI, we don’t just accept differences — we celebrate them! We know by having a diverse organization it benefits our employees, our customers and our community. IFI is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of creed, gender, national origin (includes, but is not limited to the individual’s or ancestor’s’ actual or perceived physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics associated with a national origin group or marital to membership in or association with persons of a national origin group), religion, marital status, registered domestic partner status, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition including genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, gender transition, Veteran’s status, political affiliation, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state, or local laws. It also prohibits unlawful discrimination based on the perception that anyone has any of those characteristics or is associated with a person who has or is perceived as having any of those characteristics. We also consider qualified applicants regardless of criminal histories, consistent with legal requirements. If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please let us know by notifying us.

Career Opportunities - "All Opportunities Are Remote"

All of our career opportunities at IFI are remote. Some of the clear advantages of working remotely include cost savings (estimated at $7,000 per year), an enhanced work/life balance, and ditching the morning/afternoon commute! A remote work environment provides our employees with the ability to stay with relatives, support family or friends during an emergency, and simply be able to work from anywhere. We do remote so well, an employee that worked remotely with another company prior to IFI commented that their experience here has been completely different; they don’t feel like they are adrift at sea. However, while they commented that their employer did well within the remote work sphere, IFI does it much better.

Our employees communicate and collaborate seamlessly, without feeling like they are alone on an island. To achieve this, we utilize several applications that foster communication and teamwork within our organization, and we provide our employees with all the equipment necessary for a safe and productive workspace. These items along with our monthly team building and educational activities provides our employees with an exciting culture and team environment at IFI Professionals!

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