Our Culture

We’re unique!

Some may describe us as being quirky in a fun way because we like to celebrate our differences; both personally and professionally.

Our team is comprised of some of the brightest, humble, most caring, compassionate, and determined group you’ll ever meet.

Our community is collaborative and down-to-earth while maintaining a passionate and fast-paced environment.

Things in our world are always changing, and our employees are challenged every day—either by the use of new technologies or by the creation of perspectives through the lens of a kaleidoscope.

Each day is different, and it’s never the same old thing.

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Employee Spotlight

Saving a Language & Culture

The loss of a language is a loss of what links us to the past. Without that link to the past, people in a culture lose a sense of place, purpose, and path; one must know where they come from to know where they are going. Language is more than just communication, but also a way of thinking and is like poetry. Half of the 6,000 languages spoken will be lost by the end of this century.

This month, we are proud to highlight Seliya who is part of our Salesforce Integration Team. In addition to doing great things for us, she is also giving back to her community by preserving the language of her culture.

Seliya has been volunteering at Nepali Class Boston for 5 years, where she teaches Nepali children growing up around the area her native language and culture. The program runs weekly for 3-hours, plus preparation before and after class. Covid didn’t stop them from teaching their students who range in age from 5 to 15. The number of students continue to grow from year-to-year and is now capped at 215!

The class day is divided into 2 parts. The first half is with the whole group where they talk about any upcoming holidays, design presentations on the subject matter, and introduce the students to songs and music from Nepal. They also show students documentaries related to Nepal and connect them back to their historical roots.

The second half of the day is where students are assigned to a specific group that is divided by age. They have seven different groups with 30+ students in each. They also have 20 great volunteers who help get the job done by teaching and assisting in the classroom setting.

During the second part of the day they focus on speaking, writing, and reading. They don’t get away without any homework or quiz assignments. They even get sent home with a weekly review of their progress every week.

It isn’t all serious studies and exams; they also do fun group activities outside of their normal school days such as Sports Day, Halloween parade and extravaganza. One of their biggest festival celebrations is Parents’ Day.

On Parents’ Day, they group the children by age and height into several groups and teach them traditional dances, drama and other fun activities and showcase that to parents. They even have an opportunity to wear their traditional attire.

Nepali Class Boston receives financial support through grants and donations.

We think what Seliya does with her free time is pretty cool!

Employee Appreciation Day

March 5, 2021

Although today is formally Employee Appreciation Day, at IFI, we like to think we celebrate and appreciate our employees every day of the year. All of them have helped shape and make our organization fun to work at by being genuine, helping each other out and by going the extra mile.

We have a fun and innovative team that are unstoppable. So, even though we are celebrating this day in time, at IFI, we celebrate our employees every day! In recognition of our employees, we sent each a $25 Amazon gift card



Over the years, we have been very purposeful in creating an organization with a heart, a sense of community, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. A place where employees are listened to and where they feel connected, even though we may not be sitting in the same building.

In the spirit of being connected, we tried to present you with gifts that represent different cultures. You’ll experience Europe, Turkey, Africa, Korea, Italy, Mexico and more. In addition, you’ll travel throughout the US and visit locations where your team members live.

Enclosed you will find 12-gifts numbered 1-12. Each of the teams will open their gifts together over Zoom, so please hold off on unwrapping any gifts until further notice. When you do begin opening gifts, please send photos to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (AKA Dee).



Why you would want to
“Share the IFI Experience with Us”

Pre-Covid-19, our team came together twice a year in Southern California for fun team building activities and now, we have moved our get-togethers virtually. We have played Pub Trivia, Name that Tune and most recently we had Game Day.

For Game Day, the staff was divided into four teams where they came up with their own names. We had the “Quiet Storm”, “Gone with the Win”, “Jim and his Bees” and “The Marsupials”. Each team was outfitted with props related to their team names.

There was a dance off, teams competed in a Family Feud style game, they listened to movie clips and had to guess the title of the movie and compete in an indoor scavenger hunt where they had to use the items in a fun and creative way (e.g., sock puppet show).

Even some of our family members got involved in the fun. We had a great time and a lot of laughs. This is just one of the many things that we do that makes our group unique and fun to work with.

We work hard, but play hard.

Award News

100% of Our Employees Feel Very Satisfied Working at IFI Professionals


100% Are Proud to Work For IFI Professionals

Oops, we did it again in 2021. Yes, we’ve won the distinguished award of being one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work for a second year in a row! During 2020/2021, we had to adapt quickly like other organizations, to the changing demands Covid presented.

Even through those challenging times, we continued to build a dynamic and all inclusive work environment where dignity, respect and compassion remain at the core of our business and the values we share.

These are direct quotes from our employee’s survey feedback:

Company culture is like no other. I’ve worked in both the public and private sector and this company goes above and beyond. Every employee knows they are valued. Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, …Read More

They treat you as a person/human being. They reward each individual. They care, bottom line. They do not discriminate.

Love this place, they treat me very well, I love the flexible work environment that provides me with a satisfying career where I am constantly learning, great people to work with and fun place to work. …Read More

The company places trust with its employees to make the right decisions. It cares for the team’s well being and ensures that everyone is comfortable in their role.

The culture is a very close-knit, family type where it’s easy to get to know others.

The company strives to allow for a good work-life balance and frequently holds company events to show their appreciation. We are encouraged to build good relationships with one …Read More

The organization treats the employees with respect and as peers rather than as cogs in a machine. The people that work here all share common goals and values and it’s very easy to get along with and work with …Read More

The way management treats and values their employees is above and beyond what I have seen from other companies.

They are great at focusing on team building, focusing on career path for each employee, great work-life balance, support from team-members and supervisors while also having the freedom to work without …Read More

It puts an emphasis on individual well being and personal priorities. It’s all about culture here. It’s the most important thing to most people these days to make sure they aren’t just sitting at a desk working. …Read More

This company is a team. They are all wonderful people who really make an effort to treat all of us equally and beyond fair. I’ve received a promotion during covid. I’ve received flowers when a close …Read More

This organization actually cares about their employees.

This organization fosters a sense of community and family for their employees. The owners communicate on a weekly basis with all employees to keep us apprised of changes within the organization …Read More

Who Are We?

Each member of our team is more than a number or “just” an employee: we’re uniquely human and treat each other with dignity and respect.

Our company fosters a spirit of camaraderie. We’re talented and creative and that transfers over into our organization’s culture. You’ll often find us baking luscious desserts, drawing, creating jewelry, singing, salsa dancing, playing an instrument, watching our favorite sports team, being foster parents, or challenging our bodies to reach new goals in physical achievements by biking longer distances or hiking more difficult trails.

By working collaboratively, developing solutions, adapting to change, and applying new technologies, we consistently develop key skill sets needed to maintain success in our environment.

As we continue our journey together, we hone our skills and talents with frequent Team Building and Educational Events.

We’ve been seen running around San Clemente with hats, fake mustaches, and a list of clues trying to figure out “Who Done It?” on our Murder Mystery Team Challenge.

We demonstrated our culinary talents and subsequently enjoyed the meal we made together.

Even throughout Covid, we’ve adapted and implemented new and creative ways of coming together and strengthening our bonds.

We celebrate personal milestones such as birthdays, delight in the arrival of a new baby, and are constantly soliciting input and thoughts on how to do things better. We value each other!

We hold ourselves accountable and with that comes “Big Freedom”, but also “Big Accountability” to constantly stretch ourselves and look ahead to see what’s possible on the horizon.

We believe in ourselves, our product, and our organization. We know that if we provide unique and incomparable employee experiences, it will equate to the same type of positive experience for our customers.

That’s what it means to share the IFI experience with us.


Our values spell “LEAD”

And together we’re trailblazers in our business and community


Lead with

We encourage our employees to take ownership by identifying solutions to problems.



Embrace opportunities to constantly grow and exceed expectations.


Act in

Collaboration is essential in almost all aspects of life and work.

It takes all of us working together to create and achieve something exceptional. We partner and build relationships of trust based on integrity and compassion with each other, our partners, our customers and our community.


Drive for

Driving for excellence means being the best we can be and going above-and-beyond what is expected. Constantly strive to do better and be better.

Our Partnership with Goodwill

When someone has a disability, they aren’t always afforded the same opportunities when it comes to employment. As an organization, we felt it was important to bridge some of those gaps so we formed a partnership with Goodwill.

When most people think of Goodwill, they think of their brick and mortar stores or an organization that collects donations. However, Goodwill is much more. They offer job training, internships, and placement for individuals who face barriers in obtaining employment. We’re a proud partner with Goodwill by collaborating in the development and implementation of an internship program, along with ongoing employment opportunities.


Community involvement

We’re proud to volunteer in our community where we actively seek out opportunities to have a positive impact and help those who are less fortunate.

When Covid-19 struck, we had to come up with a more creative way of continuing our community outreach while protecting our employees and others from the virus. As an organization, we identified “3” key organizations who needed assistance.

Each employee selects an organization that resonates with their personal values and IFI makes a monthly cash contribution on the behalf of the employee. This is our way of continuing to give back during a time of crisis. We look forward to the day when we can get back out in the field and volunteer with our local charities hands-on again.

Things we like to do together to celebrate us!


At IFI, we don’t just accept differences — we celebrate them! We know by having a diverse organization it benefits our employees, our customers and our community. IFI is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of creed, gender, national origin (includes, but is not limited to the individual’s or ancestor’s’ actual or perceived physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics associated with a national origin group or marital to membership in or association with persons of a national origin group), religion, marital status, registered domestic partner status, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition including genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, gender transition, Veteran’s status or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state, or local laws. It also prohibits unlawful discrimination based on the perception that anyone has any of those characteristics or is associated with a person who has or is perceived as having any of those characteristics. We also consider qualified applicants regardless of criminal histories, consistent with legal requirements. If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please let us know by notifying us.

Career Opportunities - All Opportunities Are Remote

We are always opened to speaking with candidates who possess Intacct, Planful, Salesforce, BI and/or Accounting expertise, even if we do not have a current opportunity listed. Reason being, is because we are in a high growth mode and are always seeking top talent to join our unique organization.

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