IFI’s accounting and technology transformation services have proven to meet the needs of medium to large growing Construction companies"

For growing Construction companies who are challenged by the lack of visibility and control over profitability, our team of accountants can lift & shift you to a modern cloud-based back-office solution because we know your people don’t have the time or skills.

Your new back-office will be paperless, automated and integrated with management software like Procore in just a couple of months.

Unlike QuickBooks Enterprise and other legacy on-premise accounting software, we use modern Software-as-a-Service providers and our approach puts the technology risk on us; As you would expect if we are the accounting and technology experts.

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Construction Webinar: Continuous Accounting Meets Continuous Planning

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Our CFO and Founder Jim French will share his vision for Continuous Accounting and discuss with Darren Devine, VP of Finance at Cypress Creek Renewables, how over 150 companies have leveraged the Continuous Business Model to improve financial visibility.


  • Discover how accounting teams can achieve a clear, accurate, and timely view of their actual daily cash forecast and project profitability
  • Why connecting Planning with Accounting is Key to achieving your future-state of Continuous Planning
  • How Continuous Accounting accelerates Continuous Planning adoption, timing, and accuracy
  • What a Roadmap to Continuous Planning and Continuous Accounting looks like, and how to take action and how to achieve it

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Watch this 6 minute video blog.



Jim French, CFO, IFI Professionals

Jim is a finance and operations executive experienced in digital transformation specific to the streamlining of operations by using modern software capabilities to deliver single-source-of-the-truth information output. Leveraging his public accounting, operations and software experiences Jim has designed and used best-in-class back-office cloud based systems to funnel operational and financial information as part of daily business activities to capture, process and report on key financial and operational matrices. With a proven track record, Jim has helped organizations in commercial construction and engineering professional services successfully achieve digital transformation that supported their growth plans. His philosophy is to always start with the end-in-mind and make sure your first initiative solves a short-term. Along the way, streamlining operations using software so that financial and operational data are cubed and ready for mining without data manipulation.


Darren Devine, VP Finance, Cypress Creek Renewables

Darren leads the company’s financial planning and accounting functions. In this role he oversees Cypress Creek’s internal and external financial reporting as well as treasury activities. Darren joined Cypress Creek in 2016 with nearly two decades of accounting and finance experience focused on preparing startup companies for audits and public markets. Prior to Cypress Creek, Darren spent five years with the assurance group at PricewaterhouseCoopers and was business unit Controller with Creation Technologies. He has also served as Associate Vice President and Director of Internal Audit at American Homes 4 Rent (NYSE:AMH) where he implemented the initial Sarbanes Oxley control environment. Darren is a Certified Public Accountant and received a Bachelors of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada and a Bachelors of Accounting from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

A Message from our Founder

It’s important to understand a Client’s end goal in terms of the information that they need for their dashboards and reports, so they can get visibility and control over the operation of their business. That starts with the right information architecture and the automation of business processes and rules to ensure the information is gathered and processed correctly, which is where we will start on your free consultation call resulting with a roadmap for your business that is fully costed with flat fee pricing for the phases of your business transformation journey – all at no cost to you.”


Jim French

Founder and CFO at IFI

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