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Accounting specialists dedicated to providing the industry’s premier financial managed services

Management Team


Jim French

Founder and CFO


Natasha Klebba



Paul Van Den Berg


Paul is a software industry vet with a passion for successfully providing software and services for Client success.

Paul started his career in the Australian Army Engineers where he earned his Degree in Computer Science.

He has started, re-started, rolled up, flipped and IPO-ed technology, software and SaaS startups and most recently did a stint with his longtime nemesis IBM Software when he was acquired.

Today, Paul’s work with his former CFO, and now partner, Jim has rekindled his passion of working with cloud software and services. Paul enjoys family, mountain biking, sailing and adventure travel to explore ancient civilizations.

The Team

We are an accounting, planning and CRM business transformation services company that provides outsourced Managed Services as an extension to our Client's teams.

Our clients look to us to transform their accounting, operations, budgeting, planning and forecasting for their growing small to medium size businesses to deliver the insights they need without superhuman efforts using complex spreadsheets. We will improve your teams efficiency and flexibility as the catalyst for the change and growth that you have planned.

We support our clients on their journey to make the business better every day with a phased process improvement and automation methodology. Our clients can then achieve greater performance; flexibility and growth because they are have the visibility and control that previously could only be achieved by them being involved in the core of the day-to-day activities of their business.

Our team consists of certified accounting and operations transformation people who enjoy what they do because we get to make a game changing difference for the people we work with.

We apply our understanding of the capabilities and application of best-in-class cloud software delivered using our unique Managed Services methodology.

Our clients are in industries including:- Professional Services, like Marketing, Engineering, Consulting, Software and Financial Services. We also work with Clients in the Healthcare, Construction, Restaurant and Not-for-Profit industries.

Who We Are

IFI Professionals is a Southern California-based outsourced services firm. We guide and enable dynamic and growing companies that are challenged by poor visibility to gain control and insights to the information they need to operate their business.

Our clients rely on us for the experience and expertise to supplement or outsource their accounting services or guide them as they transform their accounting and back-office operations systems to increase efficiency and flexibility as a catalyst for growth.


What We Do

We empower growing SMBs with our outsourced accounting and technology transformation services. We provide them streamlined approaches, outsourced resources, and technology infrastructure to handle the financial and HR advisory aspects of their business. In turn, we’re able to reduce the capital and time they spend on these activities today so they can focus on growing their business.

The Finance and HR functions are the back-plane of any organization and these fields consume money and time that could have been better used for revenue-generating activities such as service delivery, product development, and sales and other key functions that differentiate the business.

Our Clients

Expert recommendations

“Through IFI, we are able to take an agile approach to the development of our systems, using resources that were quickly able to understand our business and provide expert guidance on implementation”

Jon Buttles

Jon Buttles
Cypress Creek Renewables

All-out support and assistance

"Having the IFI team support our cloud accounting has been key to giving us the visibility and control we need to keep growing"

Shannon Copeland

Shannon Copeland

"The key benefit of using IFI’s CPAs and accountants, to implement our advanced accounting system, was their knowledge of SaaS accounting and operational issues. This expertise allowed my team to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities"

Jim FitzGibbons

Jim FitzGibbons
Chief Financial Officer

Enhanced processes

“Working with IFI to design and implement our modernized and automated back-office has improved our productivity and decision making.”

Ali Diba

Ali Diba
Spatial Wave

Improved Visibility and Efficiency

“We improved visibility and efficiency by leveraging outsourced managed accounting and fractional technology transformation services for both our internal accounting and for that of our portfolio companies”

Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell
CFO at Parallax Capital Partners
Private Equity Firm

Automated processes

“Our accounting and Salesforce automation continues to improve and provide us with the visibility and control we need”

Brent Lloyd

Brent Lloyd
Aeries SIS

Best-in-Class Technology Partners