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How Finance Can Automate, Augment, and Accelerate Business

How Finance Can Automate, Augment, and Accelerate Business

The best finance teams move fast and react quickly, but even they strive for more agility in the face of unrelenting change. The only way to improve your team’s reaction time is by automating manual processes, augmenting your organization’s financial intelligence, and increasing the accuracy of insights and decisions. But it’s not as challenging as it sounds. You can have an agile finance foundation in just a few weeks to improve the speed and value of planning, budgeting, forecasting, and more. This webinar explores why finance agility is so important, where it adds impact, and how to get started.

Expect to learn:

  • Why Finance can still thrive even as you’re expected to make faster decisions in the middle of constant change.
  • How an agile finance foundation gives Finance the clarity, flexibility, and insights to make more accurate decisions.
  • Where Finance can apply AI, modern collaboration tools, advanced planning, and other purpose-built solutions to enhance decision making.


Jim French, CFO, IFI Professionals

Dan Mier, Domain Principal at Planful

Darren Devine, SVP Finance at Cypress Creek Renewables

Thank you to Planful, our session sponsor.

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