We use our proven standard designs and methodologies that leverage the advanced capabilities of modern best-in-class software

Your back-office operations are the core of your business, but are they functioning efficiently and focusing on your client’s desires? If not, enhancing your back-office requirements might be easier than what you’d expect -- and it doesn’t even involve wearing out your team.

IFI Professionals offers outstanding accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions designed to harmonize the information flow between your front- and back-office systems. Our designs allow companies to optimize their back and front-office processes, creating a single view of financial operations for your entire organization. Our services will benefit your whole team through improved:

Cloud Accounting



Dashboards & Reports

We’ll deliver a tailored roadmap to maximize efficiency and productivity, enabling a more competitive and profitable business.

Cloud accounting integrated with your business processes provides you:

Our designs are implemented by accountants and will allow you to save on your accounting operations through improved efficiency resulting in cost savings of 50% or more.

Our industry specific designs are implemented using a proven methodology to automate and optimize the information flow between your back and front office systems to improve productivity, eliminate paper and reduce friction.

Process automation and use of best-in-class, cost effective, cloud systems enables your team to work on the business using timely dashboards and reports with complete drill-down to each transaction and its supporting documentation.

Visibility to operational and financial information, processes and people allows your team to monitor the adoption and compliance with procedures and new initiatives.