How Finance Can Automate, Augment, and Accelerate Business

The best finance teams move fast and react quickly, but even they strive for more agility in the face of unrelenting change. The only way to improve your team’s reaction time is by automating manual processes, augmenting your organization’s financial intelligence, and increasing the accuracy of insights and decisions.

Continuous Planning Meets Continuous Accounting

This is a transcript of a video discussion between Jim French, CFO of IFI Professionals and Darren Devine, VP Finance of Cypress Creek Renewables.

- [Jim] I mean, I know when we started out this journey about five years ago, our focus was really to drive a continuous business cycle, and how that you can go from a planning phase to an execution phase, to a monitoring phase, and then ultimately to an analyzing phase, and then that cycle would start again, right? So that you're continually planning and you're continually driving that business.