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How ProVantage Corporate Solutions Found The Perfect Managed Accounting Partner

How ProVantage Corporate Solutions Found The Perfect Managed Accounting Partner

This is a transcript of a video by Jamie Kipke, CFO of ProVantage Corporate Solutions.

Good afternoon and hello. My name is Jamie Kipke, and I am the CFO for the Rosewood Family of Companies. Our family of companies currently offers a multitude of labor solutions for big-box retailers, whether that is in their store, through support of their operations, such as unloading trucks, cleaning or stocking, in their store conducting special projects such as remodels or new store setups, or in their customers' homes, providing last mile installation services for the products they purchased. Our team of 1500 plus field reps delivers our spirit of excellence seven days a week, 24 hours a day across the continental United States. In addition, we also operate a software as a service ERP solution through our Cruxos application.

I wanted to chat with you today to talk about our friends at IFI. Four years ago, we started a journey to modernize our operations as we desired to transition from that small office to a medium-size entity. We had a terrific ERP system in Cruxos that managed our projects, collected time and attendance, scheduled our employees, but it did not have the functionality we needed for a full-fledged accounting platform.

We needed to enhance the following, provide insightful and timely reporting across the multiple entities we had formed, identify and deliver timely KPIs to make those informed decisions for all facets of our organization, interface with our Cruxos system, and maintain our desire to keep as much information as possible in the Cloud.

To reach these goals, we settled on the Intact platform. Interestingly, in the beginning we did not know about IFI. We were muddling through the implementation after 12 months, and had made the decision we were going to have to delay our original go live date. Seeking a solution, we attended an industry conference where I had the opportunity to meet Jim French, CFO and founder of IFI, who was presenting about a solution his team had created for a similarly situated business in the solar energy field.

After consulting with Jim and his team, we decided to partner with IFI. The initial ask was just to finish up our implementation at Intact and develop the initial reporting required for us to operate. In this area their knowledge of Intact and subsystems they integrated were very useful. We also experienced the unexpected benefit of our partnership with them, as it related to our Cruxos system. Their previous engagements around integrating Salesforce or Nexonia, and other third party subsystems gave them the perfect foundation to understand how to integrate Cruxos.

During the implementation process, they went above and beyond our initial scope of our engagement, to understand the architecture of Cruxos, and also work with our internal development team to map out process flows and ensure our API structure was adequate to meet our needs.

In addition to the initial implementation, we have still continued to work with IFI in a fractional relationship to support our continued operations, whether that be an enhancement tool report, an update to our dashboard, or a best practice for a specific transaction type.

This investment has provided us with a significant ROI when it comes time for my team to resolve those issues that arise during our operations. The senior management has continually come up with a solution, and we've also had the pleasure of working with two different account managers during our years. Both have been top-notch.

In summary, IFI has provided myself and our company everything we have requested, and in most cases exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them for any needs you may have, whether that is in design and implementation of a new subsystem, or working with your company to develop insightful reporting. Thank you and have a great day.