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Learn from other Service Business CFOs as they share their transformational journey to driving insight-driven business and discuss how IFI’s unique industry designs have guided over 200 companies in achieving their goals.

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Driving A Continuous Business Cycle with Envoy

Driving A Continuous Business Cycle with Envoy

Michael Pizzutillo shares Envoy’s journey in automating workforce planning to achieve timely transaction driven insights and how IFI’s design to achieving continuous accounting & planning has guided 200+ companies in achieving their goals.


  • Learn about the continuous business cycle and how it’s providing real-time visibility for companies
  • About the staircase that 200+ companies are using to improve project and company profitability
  • How/Why connecting planning with accounting is key to achieving your future-state of continuous planning
  • Understand how project management systems and professional service automations (PSA) can improve workforce planning.


Michael Pizzutillo, Controller, Envoy

Jim French, CFO & Founder of IFI Professionals

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