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How Efficiently Planning Your Systems Integration Can Help Your Organization

How Efficiently Planning Your Systems Integration Can Help Your Organization

This is a transcript of a video created by Archie Kawmongkolsi, Manager, CRM and Integration Design at IFI Professionals.

Hi, my name is Archie. I'm the System Integration Design Manager at IFI Professionals. I'm here to talk to you about how efficiently planning your systems integration can help your organization.

So what is systems integration? Think of your organization as a whole. You have your sales team, your marketing team, your support team, your finance team, etc. Do you know someone in your organization who's entering the same data into multiple systems? We had a term for this back when I was a data analyst. We called it the swivel chair effect. You're entering the data into system A, you're entering the data in system B.

How much time does your accounting team take each week entering information that your sales team has already booked? How many systems does your finance team have to jump through to run reports and perform their analysis? The issue is that there are too many systems and they don't talk to each other efficiently. Manual data entry is outdated and allows for human error.

So how can systems integration help? That's where we come in. We can help you implement an efficient system where your systems communicate to each other without you having to lift a finger. By having an efficient systems integration design, your business can see accelerated growth innovation. Because the time that's generally spent by your organization doing minimal mechanical functions can now be utilized in a more analytical aspect by having easy access to improve the meaningful data required for better decision making.

Reach out to us today and I'll be happy to discuss with you what we can do to help.